Greu de crezut, dar persoanele cu autism pot fi profesionisti desavarsiti. Este bine cunoscut ca cei din spectrul autist intampina adesea provocari in ceea ce priveste interactiunea sociala sau educatia, dar pot da dovada de rabdare, perseverenta si seriozitate la locul de munca. In acest articol vom observa cateva studii care scot in evidenta locurile de munca potrivite celor cu autism.

Inca din timpul scolii copiii sunt integrati pe piata muncii, li se ofera o multitudine de internship-uri care au rolul de a facilita adaptarea copilului la noul mediu. De asemenea, studiile arata ca cei care presteaza munca, sunt platiti destul de bine, cu 8.10 dolari pe luna.

Oportunitati privind cariera profesionala

In ultimii ani, mai multe companii au deschis usile persoanelor cu autism. Microsoft, SAP, Ford, HP sau Vodafone sunt doar cateva dintre corporatiile care angajeaza candidati specializati din spectrul autist. Unii angajati au constatat ca astfel de persoane sunt potrivite pentru sarcini care necesita o atentie sporita la detalii sau pentru sarcini repetitive.

Beneficiile angajarii celor cu autism

Un studiu din Australia a demostrat ca pentru un angajator nu exista costuri suplimentare atunci cand angajeaza o persoana cu autism. Din potriva, acea persoana poate lucra cu norma intraga si poate avea un randament si rezultate mai bune decat o persoana care nu sufera de autism.
Pe baza feedback-ului primit de alte companii putem identifica unele dintre beneficiile pe care le ofera angajarea celor cu autism, printre acestea se numara:
• o mai buna calitate a muncii
• seriozitate in munca depusa
• concentrare excelenta atunci cand este nevoie
• acuratete
• pasiune si entuziasm
• o perspectiva unica
• nu este deranjat de interactiunea din jurul sau

Locuri de munca pentru cei non-verbali cu autism

Persoanele non-verbale cu autism ar putea avea ceva dificultati la locul de munca, dar asta nu inseamna ca nu sunt valorosi in executarea diferitelor sarcini. Cateva locuri de munca potrivite pentru ei ar putea fi:
• bibliotecar
• portar
• maistru
• ingrijitor
• angajat al unor companii de reciclare

Locuri de munca pentru cei care au sindromul Asperger

Cei care sufera de acest sindrom sunt posesorii unor calitati speciale, astfel vor excela in joburi cum ar fi:
• programator
• fotograf
• matematician
• contabil
• mecanic
• sofer de taxi
• fizician
• dresor de animale


 While it is true that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often face many social and educational challenges, it’s still possible for children to grow into employed adults with the help and support of parents and caregivers.

A report published by Drexel University reveals that only 14 percent of adults with autism had paid employment within their communities. The study states that it does not represent all adults with autism, but only those who had access to DD (Developmental Disabilities) services. It was also not specified whether the paid work was part-time or full time.

Another study states that 53.4 percent of young adults with autism become employed after high school—the lowest rate among all disabilities. The average compensation of those who do find work is $8.10 per hour.

Autism career opportunities

In recent years, multiple companies have opened their doors to people with autism. Microsoft, SAP, Ernst and Young, and Ford are just some of the corporations that are hiring qualified candidates who are on the spectrum.
Some of these companies to consider:
• Microsoft
• Walgreens
• Ernst and Young
• Ford
• Freddie Mac
• Spectrum Careers
• HP (Australia)
• Tower Watson’s
• Specialisterne
• Vodafone
• Spectrum Designs

Nathalie Vanheusden, who started an autism hiring initiative at the global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, recognized a person with autism could perform specific tasks exceptionally well. Nathalie had problems getting her tedious expense reports done. When she realized the nature of this task, which included attention to detail and patterns, she thought of hiring a person with autism.

Benefits of employing people with autism

A study conducted in Australia reveals that there are no additional costs incurred when employing someone on the spectrum. It also concludes that the quality of work and the employee’s work ethic is higher in autistic employees than their neurotypical counterparts.
Based on these and other companies’ feedback, the benefits of employing people with autism are:
• Better quality of work
• Excellent work ethic
• Obsessive approach when it is needed
• Accuracy
• Fast turnaround times
• Passion and enthusiasm
• Unique perspective
• Less distracted by social interactions

Jobs for non-verbal autism

People with non-verbal autism may have a few job limitations, but it doesn’t mean they are not valuable in the workplace.
Jobs for non-verbal autism may include:
• Librarian
• Factory assembly work
• Janitor
• Restocking shelves
• Recycling plant
• Warehouse management
• Lawn and garden work
• Data entry
• Fast food crew
• Flower arrangement

Jobs for People with High Functioning Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome

People with high functioning and Asperger’s syndrome have a special set of skills and therefore will excel in jobs that require them.
Some great job choices for people with Asperger’s syndrome are:
• Computer programming
• Drafting
• Photography
• Equipment designing
• Car mechanic
• Accounting
• Taxi driver
• Physicist
• Mathematician
• Animal trainer

Top Autism Jobs: Choosing the Best Careers for People With Autism


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